Co-Working Space
We offer conference rooms for a variety of occasions with elegant environment, complete facilities and affordable prices
Also available for small-scale office stations, unlimited rental time, come and go free
We are also an incubator, providing entry functions to help start-ups solve some basic problems
In March 2017, the IEIC Toronto Division Competition took place in the City Hall of Toronto. It was quite phenomenal and became one of the highest caliber and most influential competition among the eight divisions. Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Science, the City of Toronto and the Consulate-General of PRC in Toronto was the co-organizer.
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Tel:+1 647-978-7753
INVESTMENT: 3-week accelerator program and $200k+ investment about 20 projects per year.
MENTORS: a network of 100+ serial entrepreneurs and industry experts based in China and Canada
SPACE: free co-working space up to 3 months in Shenzhen
SERVICES: Evolving strategy, prototyping, sourcing, supply chain management, legal consulting
PARTNER: recommend participants who are from the incubators and accelerators and would like to expand their business in China.
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Demand Collection: guide and collect demand from Chinese enterprises in the field of research and marketing
Resources Matchmaking: find out appropriate resources in Canada’s universities and innovation organizations and help in the matchmaking process
Expert Review: for different sectors, assign the International Advisory Council to assess the matchmaking result
Collaboration Establishment: help build up collaboration between Chinese enterprises and Canadian experts
Working Space: provide working space/laboratory for the joint program
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Innovation Institute
TTO Technology Transfer Office
Sci Innovation Centre cooperates with Canada's leading universities and research institutions to promote the scientific and technological achievements to launch in Shenzhen, to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, shorten the transfer cycle.