Elegant and comfortable joint office environment
We offer conference rooms for a variety of occasions with elegant environment, complete facilities and affordable prices
Also available for small-scale office stations, unlimited rental time, come and go free
We are also an incubator, providing entry functions to help start-ups solve some basic problems
Sci Innovation Centre
1. Flexible office stations, shared conference rooms, broadband, printing, photocopying, as well as leisure and entertainment areas, office facilities complete, no need for enterprises to spend more energy, financial resources to re purchase.
2. Provide third party services, such as registration, law, finance and investment and financing, to build a comprehensive enterprise service platform.
3. The joint office space has its own front desk, and receives and delivers the courier for the enterprise visitor. It also has a lot of labor cost for one year.
4. General joint office space for subway top cover, traffic is also very convenient.
5. The joint office space also employs leaders from all sectors of the industry with extensive hands-on experience to provide quality mentor services to entrepreneurs.