Sci Innovation Competition 2019
Sci Innovation Centre invites promising tech ventures to a pitch competition to choose 20 companies from Canada to represent Canada at the China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneur-ship Competition (IEIC) in April 2019. The ten finalists from the SCI Toronto competition will be awarded cash prizes of up to C$20K each plus an expense-paid trip to compete at what has been called The International Olympics of Entrepreneurship.

Companies with strong IP and solutions for a global market are encouraged to apply, regardless of company stage or prior funding. Companies wanting to do business in China, establish man-ufacturing partnerships in Shenzhen, or solve some of China’s challenges are especially wel-comed. Prizes awarded at Shenzhen IEIC 2019 will go up to C$200K for winners in each of the sectors. They will also be introduced to institutional investors managing C$4B in funds. For companies seeking seed to Series C financing, Shenzhen IEIC 2019 is the place to be.
For more information, please contact Alan Wang +1(647)675-7212 or Jie Lin +1(647)806-6882.
Success Story
2017 & 2018 Headlines
Oversea Divisions
Competition Timeline
The Participants (Teams or individuals) should:
1. be those who have innovation achievements and business plans;
2. should possess full ownership of all rights related to the product, the technology and the patent, have no property dispute with any other person, and assume full responsibility caused by any possible infringement;
3. be those who had not won prizes in the former China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition of International Talents.
Targeting Sectors
· Electronics
· Information Technology
· Advanced Materials & Clean Energy
· Biology & Life Science
· Advanced Manufacturing
Companies with advances in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and FinTech will be invited to additional pitches.
Reasons to Apply
· Coaching to Help You Do Well at IEIC
· Feedback from Experienced Investors in Canada and China
· Cash Award of Up to C$20K in Toronto for top winner in Toronto final
· Extensive Media Coverage in North America and China
· Cash Award of up to C$200K in China for top winner
· Exposure to Chinese VCs wanting to invest in overseas companies
· Introduction to potential business partners, distributors, and manufactures in China
New for 2019
Preliminary competitions in each of Waterloo, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are held in late January to late February to allow companies to pitch to judges and to receive helpful feedback prior to the SCI Toronto Finals in March 2019. Participation in a preliminary competition is not a requirement to be invited to the Final. Judges will assess all applications submitted by Febru-ary 28 to select the invited competitors for the Final. For further details on the preliminary competitions, please visit contact Alan Wang (
excellent 2018
Canadian companies fared exceptionally well in previous Shenzhen IEIC competitions. In April 2018, Conavi Medical - a pre-revenue medical device company won a silver prize in the Biology & Life Sciences sector. Not only was it awarded C$140K as a prize but it also attracted over C$2M in investment within 3 months. Its innovation technology to help endoscopic surgeons caught the attention of investors world-wide.
Other Supportive Policies
Winners who are certified as Peacock Plan Class C Talents will be awarded RMB 1,600,000.
Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are eligible for local industrial supporting policies and are based in Shenzhen will be awarded up to RMB 1,000,000 as start-up funds per regulations.
China Merchants Bank will help competitors to complete the registration of Shenzhen business affairs, and recommending cooperative lawyers who are able to provide legal services for competitors; China Merchants Bank will also provide financial services of settlement for competitors, including but personal settlement accounts, application of personal credit cards, personal social security cards, reserved fund cards and housing mortgage loans not limited.
Enterprises with certificates of talents and intellectual properties can debit and credit maximum amount of RMB 30 million yuan from Bank of Jiangsu.
Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are settled down in Shenzhen will have priority to access the creative and industrial parks as well as incubators at the municipal and district level. Rent reduction/exemption, bonus and other benefits will be offered as well.